Declaration of Independence

This year we will be studying American History. We will be memorizing different pieces of literature or important documents that relate to US History. The first document we chose is a short excerpt from the Declaration of Independence. I have also created a few resources to go with this. In the link below you will [Read On]

Spanish – The Farm

Our Spanish classes have started. Our first topic is The Farm (La Granja), specifically farm animals. This is a fun topic! Kids naturally love animals, so now we get to learn the words for some of the farm animals in Spanish! I made a short video to review the pronunciation. You can also use this [Read On]

Bible Verses

This year we have a set plan in our community to memorize specific Bible verses. This is specifically designed for the families in our community, but I thought I would put them in the blog, in case anybody out there is interested in using some or all of our Bible verses. I will be creating [Read On]

Back to School!

Hello all! Long time no see! How was your summer? I hope you had a chance to relax, have fun, swim, travel and/or  just chill. Our summer was super fun. We went to the beach, the mountains, lots of swimming at the pool, play dates at the park, and lazy days at home. I needed [Read On]

Poetry – The Christening by A. A. Milne

This is the last poem we will be learning this school year! I can’t believe we are almost to the end of the school year! Wow! This year truly flew by! ūüôā This last poem is just a short, fun little poem about a mouse. ¬†Here is the video to help your child memorize it: [Read On]

Las Estaciones – The Four Seasons

We are soon approaching the end of the school year! Wow! It has gone super fast! Our Spanish class is doing really well, and I love watching the kids progressing and starting to use complete sentences. Yay! I am so proud of them! The next two weeks we will studying the Four Seasons. ¬†Here’s the [Read On]

Poetry – Where Go the Boats?

This is another sweet and wonderful poem by Robert Louis Stevenson. Did you ever play at a river or creek growing up?  I did! And we had so much fun exploring in the water, making up games, finding ways to catch fish, building with rocks, among many more creative activities we came up with. Such [Read On]

Digraphs – The H Brothers

My Kindergarten class (in our co-op) has been working hard on learning the letter sounds and now we have moved on to learning some digraphs. I found a cute idea on Pinterest about the H Brothers, so I ran with it, modified it, and created my own materials. I had a lot of fun putting [Read On]

Spanish – Las Frutas

This week we are studying the vocabulary for fruits. ¬†We are reviewing colors and size together with the fruits vocabulary. Here’s a video to practice the vocabulary and sentence structures: I created a few sheets to go with this topic. The first one is a vocabulary sheet. Next you will find a cut and paste [Read On]

Poetry – The Land of Story-Books

Our new poem is “The Land of Story-Books” by Robert Louis Stevenson. ¬†This is another great poem that invites your imagination to run wild and picture the scenes the author describes in each stanza. ¬†I made a short video featuring this poem. My kids watch it everyday during breakfast to help them memorize it. Here [Read On]