Doubles Math Facts

This week we will be introducing the Doubles Facts in our Kindergarten room at our local homeschool group. As I was preparing for the lesson, I looked all around the web for more ideas. I ran into this wonderful idea by Jenae over at I Can Teach My Child. She cut out circles to represent [Read On]

Length Measurement Conversions

Hello my dear readers! We are working hard on memorizing length measurement conversions. We had fun measuring things around the house and using different measurement units. I created a few resources for my kids to practice and review the conversions. These are the particular conversions we are learning in our local co-op, so that is [Read On]

Liquid Measurement Equivalents

We will be studying measurement equivalents in Math. I created a few resources for my children to help them learn and memorize these concepts. I wanted to share them with you, in case you are studying the same topic, or maybe it will inspire you to add it to your Math lessons in the near future. [Read On]

Math Laws Review Sheet

After having studied four different Math Laws, I wanted to put it all together into one sheet so I can review with the kids. This sheet allows for them to self-check after I have asked them the question and they have answered. They just like opening and closing flaps, so if it keeps their attention, [Read On]

Identity Law

My kids like super heroes and they still like to dress up from time to time (although it is  slowing down… they are growing …  too fast!) So for the identity law I made up a silly story about  a super hero. When they saw the pictures they immediately said with excitement: A Super hero? [Read On]

Distributive Law

I made up another silly story to help my kids understand and remember the distributive law.  This could be such an abstract concept for little ones, but I think telling them stories, showing them pictures and singing songs really makes a difference and helps them understand it and retain it. My kids enjoy playing with [Read On]

Commutative Law for Addition and Multiplication

The Commutative Law for Addition and Multiplication could be a little too abstract for young children.  As I was trying to make it more concrete and visual for my kids, I came up with a few ideas to help them understand it.       First, we pulled out some play food and plates and [Read On]

Associative Law Puzzles

This week we studied The Associative Law for addition and multiplication in Math.  These are long and wordy formulas, so I had to think of something to give to the kids so they could learn it while keeping it interesting. My kids like putting puzzles together, so that’s what I did.  I printed the puzzles [Read On]


Here’s some fun ways to practice geometry! We made our Geometry Buddies Worksheet and each week the kids added a new face.  They really enjoyed adding a new face to each shape, it made it more “personable” and fun. We used the video below to sing while they were coloring and adding the face to [Read On]

Area of a Circle

We have been having fun creating Geometry accessories!  Anything we can wear and have fun with as we repeat the geometry formulas. This week we were studying the area of a circle… so we made watches!  The kids would walk around the room pretending they were walking at the park. I would “run” into them and [Read On]