Bible Verses

This year we have a set plan in our community to memorize specific Bible verses. This is specifically designed for the families in our community, but I thought I would put them in the blog, in case anybody out there is interested in using some or all of our Bible verses. I will be creating [Read On]


This year we will be memorizing a lot of Scripture. Our community (local co-op) has chosen to use the ESV translation.  Each grade has a list of Bible verses they will memorize throughout the year. I have  created a few resources to use with my children in order to help them memorize the verses. The [Read On]

Books of the Bible

We are working on learning the books of the Bible. I have created a few resources to help us memorize the 66 books. 🙂  First off, I made a couple of sheets with the books of the Bible listed and divided.  This will be one of our visual aids as we sing the song. Next, [Read On]