Types of Clouds Cards – Two Choices :)

As you may have already noticed, I am such a visual person. I love to make picture cards for everything, and types of clouds was no exception.     The illustrations on these cards are drawn, more like clip art, but I really liked the way the graphics present the types of clouds and the [Read On]

Types of Clouds Craft

We had do much fun studying the different  types of clouds! As a way to wrap up our week, I created a craft for the kids to put together as they reviewed the different types of clouds. I made the poster sheet to show the kids what they were going to do for each cloud, [Read On]

Types of Clouds

There are soooo many great ideas online and on Pinterest about studying the types of clouds. It was hard to choose which ones to do with my kiddos at home. I was so excited when I found this awesome graphic showing the types of clouds! As usual I went ahead and made a worksheet for [Read On]