My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson

We love poems by Robert Louis Stevenson. This is a very fun poem for kids. So we decided to work on memorizing this piece of poetry.  I found an animated video of the poem and my kids love watching it. Here are some of the resources I created to go with the poem. 1. Written [Read On]

Poetry – Where Go the Boats?

This is another sweet and wonderful poem by Robert Louis Stevenson. Did you ever play at a river or creek growing up?  I did! And we had so much fun exploring in the water, making up games, finding ways to catch fish, building with rocks, among many more creative activities we came up with. Such [Read On]

Poetry – The Land of Story-Books

Our new poem is “The Land of Story-Books” by Robert Louis Stevenson.  This is another great poem that invites your imagination to run wild and picture the scenes the author describes in each stanza.  I made a short video featuring this poem. My kids watch it everyday during breakfast to help them memorize it. Here [Read On]

Poetry – Windy Nights

This week we will be learning the poem Windy Nights by Robert Louis Stevenson. Would you like to listen to it?  Here’s the video: This poem allows us to introduce the concept of metaphors.  I am looking forward to talking to my children about how we can use different words or nouns to describe a [Read On]

The Land of Counterpane – Poetry

Another beautiful and sweet poem this week!  We are working on memorizing The Land of Counterpane by Robert Louis Stevenson.  I love the pictures in the book “A Child’s Garden of Verses”.  I love how the picture describes the entire poem. What do you think? I made a video to go with the poem. I [Read On]

Poetry – Bed in Summer

Our new poem is Bed in Summer by Robert Louis Stevenson. My mother-in-law used to read the book “A Child’s Garden of Verses” to my husband and his sister when they were little.  She had given us a copy of this book a while ago, but after moving I had forgotten about it.  Recently, my [Read On]

Poetry – The Swing

The next poem we are memorizing is The Swing by Robert Louis Stevenson. I made a short video to help my kids memorize it.  Here it is: As usual, I made the different materials I make to help us with the poem. When you download the file you will find the written poem with pictures [Read On]

Poetry – Singing

The next poem we are working on is Singing by Robert Louis Stevenson.  I made a short little video to help your child memorize it.  Have your child watch the video everyday until they know it by heart. I also made a few sheets to help you with the memorization process. I added picture cards [Read On]

Poetry – Foreign Lands

Here’s the next poem we are working on at our homeschool! 🙂 Read the poem to your child first, and have him close his eyes and picture what the poem is describing. Talk about what the author is describing. Show the video to your child, or the sheet with the written poem and pictures. Explain [Read On]

Poetry – At the Seaside

Here’s our first poem!  Like I explained in the previous post, I will have a video for each poem so your child can watch it over and over until they have memorized it. Here’s the video …   I have also made a few sheets to help you and your child memorize the poem.  The [Read On]