Action Words – Verbos Set 4

With a new school year in progress, we have introduced a new set of action words (verbs) in our Spanish class. Just like in the previous sets, we will be learning five new verbs and the phrases: “Yo puedo ..” (I can…) and “Yo no puedo…” (I can not…)

The video will serve a tool for reviewing and practicing the correct pronunciation.

Below you can download a file containing a few worksheets to practice these verbs.

1. Vocabulary sheet.

2. Read and Color

3. Cut and Paste

4. Read and Trace

I hope this is useful for you and your students, whether you homeschool or teach in a regular classroom.

Download below

—>Action Words Set 4 <— 

Have a fabulous day,



  1. Angela Raborg says

    gracias por compartir- el material es muy bonito.
    soy maestra de español de niños del primer al quinto grado.
    Aprecio mucho su trabajo,

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