Distributive Law

I made up another silly story to help my kids understand and remember the distributive law.  This could be such an abstract concept for little ones, but I think telling them stories, showing them pictures and singing songs really makes a difference and helps them understand it and retain it. My kids enjoy playing with [Read On]

Five Circles of Latitude Worksheet

I have created a worksheet to help my kids learn the five circles of latitude.  I have included options for both younger students and older ones. The younger students always enjoy cutting and pasting, so that’s what I did.  For the older students, they usually like writing the names on their own, so I included [Read On]

Linking Verbs

During the following four weeks we will be studying Linking Verbs. I have made a “chain” for the kids to practice their verbs.  I plan on giving them one segment at a time, so each week they get to glue another segment to the chain and watch it grow.  It creates anticipation, and they just [Read On]


Here’s some fun ways to practice geometry! We made our Geometry Buddies Worksheet and each week the kids added a new face.  They really enjoyed adding a new face to each shape, it made it more “personable” and fun. We used the video below to sing while they were coloring and adding the face to [Read On]

Area of a Circle

We have been having fun creating Geometry accessories!  Anything we can wear and have fun with as we repeat the geometry formulas. This week we were studying the area of a circle… so we made watches!  The kids would walk around the room pretending they were walking at the park. I would “run” into them and [Read On]

Earth’s Atmosphere

This week we have been studying the atmosphere. I created a little project for my kids to help them visualize the Earth’s atmosphere. We read the information about each layer and then stacked the circles to build the atmosphere. This project really helped them remember what we were studying.  I hope this helps your kids [Read On]