Poetry – A Model of Christian Charity

Our History studies will bring us to the beginnings of our country. In Poetry, we have chosen to memorize a few excerpts of the sermon delivered by Governor John Winthrop.  At the time, he was the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. This sermon was delivered aboard the Arbella. I love the absolute truths delivered [Read On]

Romulus and Remus by Rudyard Kipling

Since we are studying ancient history this year, our Poetry is related to the topics we are learning about. The founding of Rome is one of the topics we will be covering in the next few weeks, so we will be memorizing the poem “Romulus and Remus” by Rudyard Kipling. I put together this video [Read On]

Poetry – The Squirrel

Hello readers! The first poem we will be memorizing this year is a short, fun poem. I found that it can have two different titles. Some people have titled it “The Squirrel”, while others have titled it “Whisky, Frisky”. The author is anonymous. I made a short video with the pictures I used in the [Read On]

Poetry – Foreign Lands

Here’s the next poem we are working on at our homeschool! 🙂 Read the poem to your child first, and have him close his eyes and picture what the poem is describing. Talk about what the author is describing. Show the video to your child, or the sheet with the written poem and pictures. Explain [Read On]

Poetry – At the Seaside

Here’s our first poem!  Like I explained in the previous post, I will have a video for each poem so your child can watch it over and over until they have memorized it. Here’s the video …   I have also made a few sheets to help you and your child memorize the poem.  The [Read On]