Weather Fronts Body Movements

I guess my brain never stops working, even when I am asleep.  On Saturday night I had a dream that the kids and I were reviewing the weather fronts and we were using colorful ribbons to represent the weather fronts. I kid you not… when I woke up I thought to myself: That is a [Read On]

Weather Fronts to Label

One the activities we do every week is to label pictures of the material we are learning. Sometimes we label by hand so they can practice handwriting and review their material all at once.  🙂  Other times we like to cut and paste. I always have both options available so they can pick, or I can pick, [Read On]

Weather Fronts Self-Check Worksheet

As we are studying the weather fronts, I wanted to created a worksheet that would help my kids practice and review the vocabulary for weather fronts.  This worksheet provides them with a self-check option. As they point to the weather symbol, they can open the flap and check if they identified it correctly. My kids [Read On]

Weather Fronts Cards

We have been studying the weather and the four types of weather fronts. I created these cards to go with this study unit. I wanted my kids to understand what the four types of weather fronts look like so I included a picture on each card.  I also wanted them to learn the symbols that [Read On]