Phoneme Segmentation

Phoneme segmentation is just one component of Phonemic Awareness. When we talk about Phonemic Awareness, we refer to the ability of manipulating & identifying sounds in a word WITHOUT looking at printed symbols (letters, words). In order for a child to be a successful reader and decoder, he must be able to manipulate & identify [Read On]

Digraphs – The H Brothers

My Kindergarten class (in our co-op) has been working hard on learning the letter sounds and now we have moved on to learning some digraphs. I found a cute idea on Pinterest about the H Brothers, so I ran with it, modified it, and created my own materials. I had a lot of fun putting [Read On]


We have been learning about consonants and vowels.  I heard a song to the tune of BINGO that helps children learn and identify the vowels. I thought it was pretty catchy so I tried it… the kids learned it right away! I made a little video with my camera so you could hear the song, [Read On]

Sight Words

We have chosen the Dolch Sight Words List for our kids. If you are not familiar with sight words, they are the most common words in the English language and a lot of them can not be sounded out phonetically.  Since these words cover a high percentage of any written material, it is very beneficial [Read On]

Linking Verbs

During the following four weeks we will be studying Linking Verbs. I have made a “chain” for the kids to practice their verbs.  I plan on giving them one segment at a time, so each week they get to glue another segment to the chain and watch it grow.  It creates anticipation, and they just [Read On]