Linking Verbs

During the following four weeks we will be studying Linking Verbs.IMG_8516 copy

I have made a “chain” for the kids to practice their verbs.  I plan on giving them one segment at a time, so each week they get to glue another segment to the chain and watch it grow.  It creates anticipation, and they just get excited!


IMG_8520 copyI like the fact that they can fold it into a little rectangle that doesn’t take too much space, but at the same time, they can open it and see the LONG chain of verbs they have learned.  This also gives them a visual on how much they are learning and I hope it motivates them to keep on learning 🙂

I have uploaded a video on this post so you can get an idea of what the material looks like and how to put it together.


I hope you can use it with your kids! What are you doing to help your kids learn the linking verbs?  Feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment below. I would love to hear what other families are doing.

Click below to download the file

Linking Verbs Chain



  1. Hi there! I really enjoy learning from your post. I am interested in classical conversations and saw that you were once a part of this group. Would you say that it is a good group to join or would you recommend a local coop for learning with a group? Thank you for your time and postings.

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