Parts of the Atmosphere Felt Visual

Whenever I have a chance to create a hands-on visual aid, I am all for it.

I love using felt. So this week I made the Earth and the atmosphere using felt.

IMG_8481 copy


I found black felt with silver glitter on it… How perfect is that for representing outer space?  I was so excited to see it at the craft store (the things a homeschooling mom gets excited about).  That is the base of course.


Then, I just picked 5 different colors to make each layer. I chose blue since it represents the sky. 🙂  I made 5 circles decreasing in size and in the middle a little planet Earth.

IMG_8482 copy

The kids just loved taking it apart and then build it back as they recited the material. I say it was a success at my house. I am taking it to the classroom next week when we teach the atmosphere to the little ones.

IMG_8478 copyIMG_8480 copy

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