The Five Oceans

Learning the five oceans on the map can be so much fun!  If you need a song to help you and your children remember the five oceans, here you have it… We play the video while eating breakfast, lunch or snack; sometimes we just play it in the school room as a break, time to [Read On]

Seven Continents Worksheets

Here are a couple more worksheets to go with our study of the Seven Continents! The first one is a sheet to label. I always like to include the option for younger students to cut and paste and for older students to label by hand. The second worksheet is a color coded map. My kids [Read On]

Seven Continents

This week we have been working on learning the Seven Continents. I made picture cards and matching cards for the kids to use and help them learn the Seven Continents. We have used the matching cards to play games such as “Race You” and memory game.  We set up the timer and see how long [Read On]

Markings on the Globe Color Coded

We like to create an “art” project each week. In order to make it fit into our day we usually turn one of the subjects we are learning into an art project. By that I mean, something we can use paint, glitter, stickers, etc. anything fun, hands-on, that we can then hang on the wall. [Read On]

Markings on the Globe to Label

As we study the markings on the globe, I created these worksheets to help the kids label and review the material we are memorizing. In this file you will find two options. One sheet is for younger students with the labels ready to cut and paste (my kids favorite).  The other sheet is for older [Read On]

Markings on the Globe Model

This week we are studying the markings on the globe. I decided to help the kids make a little model of a globe so they could paint, identify and highlight different markings on the globe. I bought Styrofoam balls at the local craft store. We stuck a wooden stick on one end of  the ball to [Read On]

South America Maps

I am very excited to be studying South America for the next two weeks!  I am originally from South America, Venezuela to be exact. I can’t wait to talk to my kids about the country their mommy was born in, our customs, our food, our music, our flag, among other things. They are familiar with [Read On]

Circles of Latitude Interactive Sheet

  We love creating hands-on materials to help the kids learn their material as they “play” and have fun.         This sheet is just that. We put it together and then got to play silly games as we reviewed and sang songs.         I highly recommend that you print [Read On]

Five Circles of Latitude Worksheet

I have created a worksheet to help my kids learn the five circles of latitude.  I have included options for both younger students and older ones. The younger students always enjoy cutting and pasting, so that’s what I did.  For the older students, they usually like writing the names on their own, so I included [Read On]


For Geography, this week we will be studying Canada. I have made a couple of maps to use with the kids.  I made the maps using the mapping feature on the National Geographic website. Have you tried it?  It is amazing!!!  You can choose which area of the world you want to make a map [Read On]