The Five Oceans

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Learning the five oceans on the map can be so much fun!  If you need a song to help you and your children remember the five oceans, here you have it…

We play the video while eating breakfast, lunch or snack; sometimes we just play it in the school room as a break, time to dance and play instruments, time to move and wiggle and get the wiggles out! 🙂

I made a few materials to go with this topic. I love the way this interactive map turned out. My kids love lifting the flaps and self-checking their answers. Just download the file, cut out the flaps and glue them in place. You can download the color version, or the black and white version and have your children color the ocean animals.

Oceans Collage We love picture cards. There is so much you can do with cards. My kids started quizzing each other and playing “teacher”. The sit together and one would ask each other: “Show me the Atlantic Ocean… Great job! You get this card.”

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Last summer I made this huge map out of painter’s drop cloth and we just love using it! It makes Geography so fun for them! We printed the pictures of the ocean animals and they just move them around as they follow directions. Ex: Place the shark in the Pacific Ocean, place the dolphin in the Indian Ocean, etc. You can also use these pictures on a smaller table map and ask your child to do the same.

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I did not include the picture cards in the file due to the size of the document. However, if you would like to have the file with the picture cards, please send me a message and I would be happy to forward those to you! 🙂

Click below to download the file

—>  Five Oceans <—

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  1. Cheri Hall says

    How did you make the drop-cloth map? It’s great!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! I sure would love to try to make the drop cloth too! Any suggestions? If you could send me the cards I would appreciate that so much!
    Thank you for your time!

  3. Would love the picture cards! My little ones love to play memory match with your cards when I print two sets of them! Would you please send the file to me?

    I would also love to know how you made the drop cloth map- – a map they can stand on!! Thanks so much for sharing your talents with other families. 🙂

  4. Corrin Robinson says

    I would love the picture cards! My son loves manipulative with his memorization. He will be beginning CC this august and I am taking the summer to learn slowly how to implement while continuing my masters. How wonderful of you to have these ideas for the kiddos!

  5. hi.. this is an amazing post.. we are doing oceans and marine life these days.. i would like to request you for the cards please.. also I’m unable to download the five oceans printable, can you guide me please? Thank you.. im benefitting from your posts..

  6. Grismar, you are AMAZING!! You have a wise nest and a blessed nest for your precious children and, by extension, for my granddaughters! Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you’ve made available to us! We use most all of them!! I would love to have the ocean file with picture cards, please!! And also info on how to make the huge drop cloth earth map! Sooo fun! Thank you again for helping make our homeschool extra special!

  7. Hey! Thank you for the file! It’s just amazing! I have no words to thank you. May God bless you!

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