Seven Continents

This week we have been working on learning the Seven Continents.

I made picture cards and matching cards for the kids to use and help them learn the Seven Continents.

Continents Shot copy

We have used the matching cards to play games such as “Race You” and memory game.  We set up the timer and see how long it takes each child to match the cards correctly. My kids just LOVE playing races.  🙂

Continents Matching Shot copy

We have been using this video to help us memorize the Seven Continents. We like the tune and all the pictures about each continent. See if you like it too! 🙂

I hope this is helpful to your family!

Click below to download the files

—> Continents Cards <—

—> Continents Matching Cards <—


  1. Love it, Grismar! And I wanted to let you know – please feel free to continue contributing to the CC Blog Carnival (I’ve updated it to include classical educators in general) and weekly link-up if you wish to do so!
    May the Lord bless all that you do! -Brandy

  2. Missing you and your wonderful craft ideas! Be blessed!

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