Markings on the Globe Color Coded

We like to create an “art” project each week. In order to make it fit into our day we usually turn one of the subjects we are learning into an art project. By that I mean, something we can use paint, glitter, stickers, etc. anything fun, hands-on, that we can then hang on the wall.

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This week we made the markings on the globe one of our projects. We used water colors, puffy paint, and sharpie markers. I chose water colors because I like how you can get color on a paper but still see through the paint. I wanted the outline of the globe to still be clear but also have color. I think regular tempera paint would have been too thick and covered the picture underneath. 🙂IMG_8738 copy

First, we painted the globe with the water colors and also did the puffy paint on the Equator and the Prime Meridian. I wanted those markings to pop out and be different than the other latitude and longitude lines. You don’t have to use puffy paint, that’s what I had, so I used it. You can just choose a different color for each of those elements.

After that was done we let it dry. When the sheet is completely dried, then you can proceed to trace over the latitude and longitude lines with whatever color your child chooses.

This sheet has two boxes on the right hand side so you can denote the color your child has used for each element on the globe (color coding).

Here’s a video explaining it a little bit more:

Enjoy!  Feel free to make any comments or ask any questions. 🙂

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Markings on the Globe Color Coded


  1. We love your printables and give me inspiration to creat things as well. Wow it’s the last week! For our latitude and longitude study we tracked a Hurricane. I downloaded a tracking sheet off the weather channel website. Then we named our hurricane Napoleon. I gave the kids the mock latitude and longitude degrees and they charted and connected the hurrucane’s path. They loved it. We live in Florida so this is common practice!

  2. Hi from Spain!!

    I just find your blog and I love it!! you have a new follower.
    Big hug from the Mediterraneam


  3. Coleen McKenna Solman says

    Thank you for printable! I use them with my disabled child!

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