South America Maps

I am very excited to be studying South America for the next two weeks!  I am originally from South America, Venezuela to be exact.

I can’t wait to talk to my kids about the country their mommy was born in, our customs, our food, our music, our flag, among other things. They are familiar with a lot of these things since I talk about them often, but it will be nice to make it part of our school day.

south america snap shot for WN copy

I have made a map set for us to use as we learn about South America. You will find four  maps.

1. Labeled Map

2. Unlabeled Map

3. Numbered Map with the Answer Key on the side

4. Numbered map to label by hand

I’ll be posting about how we practice our geography at home in the next couple of days!  🙂

Click below to download the maps

South America Maps


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