Markings on the Globe Model

This week we are studying the markings on the globe. I decided to help the kids make a little model of a globe so they could paint, identify and highlight different markings on the globe.

IMG_8743 copy

I bought Styrofoam balls at the local craft store. We stuck a wooden stick on one end of  the ball to make it easier for the kids to hold and paint it.

IMG_8732 copy

After the paint dried, my husband drew an outline of the world with Sharpie marker (so thankful he can draw, because I surely can not do it justice). I drew the lines of latitude and longitude with pencil and had the kids try to trace over them. It was kind of hard for them to do it, so I ended up tracing them. They just stood there and watched me do it as we talked some about the globe and the markings on it.

IMG_8740 copy

For the Equator and Meridian, I wanted those lines to pop out and be different, so  we used Puffy Paint to highlight those lines.

I am planning on putting the models on a string and hanging them on the ceiling in our schoolroom. I love to display the kids work in the schoolroom so we can decorate their space with their work, plus they go around and start looking at all the stuff on the walls and they start reciting the material they have learned. It is so cool to me to watch them recall the information and be reassured that they are retaining the material, that it is all in their little brains. These some of the great moments as a homeschool mom!

Here’s a video explaining how we made it:


Have a blessed day!  🙂

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