We have been learning about consonants and vowels.  I heard a song to the tune of BINGO that helps children learn and identify the vowels. I thought it was pretty catchy so I tried it… the kids learned it right away!

I made a little video with my camera so you could hear the song, so don’t mind our singing, just learn the tune and do it with your kids. 🙂 Here it is:

I also made a few little things to go with the vowels song. I made a couple of sheets that could be used in your classroom everyday. You could hang them up on the wall or just pull it out when you are reviewing the information.

vowels shot

If your child likes to color, I made one with the pictures in black and white so they could color it.

vowels shot2

We have been using picture cards a lot and we love them!  So I included those as well. 🙂

Another thing the kids need to learn in Kindergarten is the short vowel sounds and the rest of the alphabet sounds as well.  I have always used Dr. Jean’s Alphardy song. It is an oldie but it really works and gets the kids moving as they repeat and learn the sounds. If you have never heard this song, I have included the video below so you can see it. I always get the kids standing and acting out each action with the sound of each letter. It is fun! I just love it!

The short vowel sounds sheet that I included in the file has the pictures and words that go with Dr. Jean’s song.

short vowel sounds poster Click below to download the files

—> Vowels Song <—

Here’s the video:

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