Poetry – Once I Saw a Little Bird

Our next poem is actually an old nursery rhyme. Here’s the video to go with it:

I created some materials to go with the poem in order to help your child memorize it. I typed the poem typed with some pictures to help you remember the words in the poem, and also I made a sheet with just the pictures. This actually helps me as a mommy to memorize the poem along with my kids… hmmm… I wonder who needs the pictures more, the kids or me? ┬á­čÖé

little bird 2 copy

If your child likes to color, you can download the coloring sheets to go with the poem.

little bird 4 copy

I am loving the picture cards! I used them in my classroom (I teach Kindergarten in our local co-op) with Popsicle sticks and the kids got to hold the picture up as we recited the poem. They had fun doing this! You can also just lay them on a surface and have your child put them in the correct order as you recite the poem.

little bird 3 copy

Have fun learning some poetry with your kids!  Leave a comment on the blog if you have been using these resources. I would love to know who and how you are using them.  Have a wonderful day!

Click below to download the file

—>┬áOnce I Saw a Little Bird┬á<—



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