El Cuerpo – Body Parts

I teach a Spanish class for a local homeschool group. This week we are learning basic vocabulary for the body parts.

I made a few resources for the parents to use with the children at home if they desire to do so, and of course, any of my readers are welcomed to download the materials and use the videos.

Here’s the video with the vocabulary:

I’ll show you what I made.  First, I made a sheet with the vocabulary so parents can tape it on the wall as we are studying this topic. You can incorporate reading the vocabulary sheet everyday as part of your school routine.

voacbulary shot

I also created a set of worksheets to practice the vocabulary. There are a few options in the file. Hopefully you will find one that works for your child’s learning style, or maybe you can use them all  🙂

Capture2 copy

You will also find the picture cards in case you want to play memory game or just plain matching word and picture.

Hope you have a wonderful and blessed day!

Click below to download the files

—> Cuerpo Picture Cards <—

—> Cuerpo Worksheets <—

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