Weather Fronts Self-Check Worksheet

As we are studying the weather fronts, I wanted to created a worksheet that would help my kids practice and review the vocabulary for weather fronts.  This worksheet provides them with a self-check option. As they point to the weather symbol, they can open the flap and check if they identified it correctly.

IMG_8630 copy

My kids had fun using this sheet and they actually ended up quizzing each other and checking the answers.  Love it when they are excited about learning and interacting with each other!  🙂

There are two options in this worksheet. One for younger students and one for older students. The one for younger students has the pictures in black and white for them color as they repeat the vocabulary.  The other option has a short definition for each weather front. I thought that older students could get into trying to describe and give a short definition of each weather front.

Here’s a video showing how to put it together.

Hope this is helpful for you and you family!

Click below to download the file

Weather Fronts Flaps

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