Area of a Circle

We have been having fun creating Geometry accessories!  Anything we can wear and have fun with as we repeat the geometry formulas.

This week we were studying the area of a circle… so we made watches!  The kids would walk around the room pretending they were walking at the park. I would “run” into them and ask:  Hey! Do you know the area of a circle? (like somebody asks you what time it is) and they would answer: Sure! (looking at their watches)  The area of a circle is…    IMG_8477 copy

They LOVED playing that pretend game.  They wanted to do it over and over again. Try it out with your kids and have them wear the watches for a few days. Ask them every so often to tell you the area of a circle, and before you know it, they’ll be able to recite it without even looking at the watch.  🙂

Print the file on card stock for more durability. I also recommend to laminate them if you have access to it because the paper tears off easily (I learned this the hard way).  I ended up laminating a second set of watches and they worked much better.

Click below to download the file.

area of a circle watch WN

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