Poetry – The Land of Story-Books

Our new poem is “The Land of Story-Books” by Robert Louis Stevenson.  This is another great poem that invites your imagination to run wild and picture the scenes the author describes in each stanza.  I made a short video featuring this poem. My kids watch it everyday during breakfast to help them memorize it. Here it is:

I created a few sheets to go with this poem. The first sheet is the poem with illustrations.

written poem

The second sheet is just the illustrations without words. I use this sheet after my kids have memorized the poem or are very close to doing it. The pictures help them recall the words.

pictures sheet

Next, you will find a couple of coloring sheets.

coloring sheet

I also made picture cards that my kids put together in order. They actually love doing this activity. If you would like to have these cards, just send me a message and I will gladly send those over to you. The files get too big to upload to the blog if I include the picture cards. 🙂

DSCN0826 copy

Before I leave you, I have to share this cute video I found online. It features a short overview of the poem but without words. It gives you a visual of what the poem is about.  I thought this would be fun to show to my kids as we talk about the poem and what the author is describing.

Click below to download the file

—> The Land of Story-Books <—

Hope you guys have a fantastic week!

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