Types of Clouds Craft

We had do much fun studying the different  types of clouds! As a way to wrap up our week, I created a craft for the kids to put together as they reviewed the different types of clouds.

IMG_8671 copy2

I made the poster sheet to show the kids what they were going to do for each cloud, and then gave them the individual cards to illustrate each cloud.  I recommend that you print the cards or the poster sheet directly on card stock so it is sturdier and it also gives you the background color so it is not white.

This is what we used for each cloud. For the cumulus and cirrocumulus, we mixed equal parts of shaving cream and glue. I had heard about this mixture but never tried it. It is so fun and it dries puffy. This was my kids favorite, of course!

IMG_8660 copy

The cumulonimbus is the same mixture of shaving cream and glue and then I added a few drops of black paint to make it gray. The cirrus clouds are chalk marks and the stratus and stratocumulus are cotton balls spread out.

This was a fun project and very easy to make with items you already have at home. 🙂  I am excited about hanging these up in the school room. I love displaying the kids work on the walls plus it gives me a way to review material in a spontaneous way.

IMG_8670 copy

Here’s a video showing you how we put it together.

Hope you guys can use it with your kids!

Click below to download the file

Types of Clouds Craft


  1. Eliza Skye says

    Thank you so much for uploading this great activity. We’re going to be constructing these and learning the different clouds in our class this week. Appreciate your sharing so much!

  2. excellent craft to go along with out unit..thanks so much….

  3. I’m thinking of doing this for a project and it is going to look amazing

  4. Hello! This looks amazing, I would love to do this with my class but I cannot find the video and am wondering if you would share your resources for this? Thank you!

  5. Thank you for so generously sharing your content! Creative and hands on supplement to CC!

  6. Kathryn Villa says

    My 6th graders haven’t had much hands on in the last 2 years – THIS is perfect to help them visualize and identify clouds as part of their Weather tracking – Thank YOU!!
    Ramah, NM

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