Types of Clouds Cards – Two Choices :)

As you may have already noticed, I am such a visual person. I love to make picture cards for everything, and types of clouds was no exception.

clouds cards snapshot copy



The illustrations on these cards are drawn, more like clip art, but I really liked the way the graphics present the types of clouds and the way it shows the altitude in which they are found.



photo cards snapshot copy




I also made picture cards with real photographs so the kids could see how these clouds look in real life. I used both sets. We used the drawn cards to introduce the material and see where they are located. Then, we pulled the real photograph cards and tried to match them to the picture cards.




We played games trying to match the cards and then matching the words to pictures. My kids love to be timed. They always want to know how many seconds it took them to match all the cards, so that’s what we did.  🙂

IMG_8703 copy2

Have fun learning about the clouds!  Click below to download the files.

Types of Clouds Cards

Types of Clouds Cards Photos


  1. Thank you soo much for these free ideas to help my daughter!! I am most grateful!! 🙂

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