Books of the Bible

We are working on learning the books of the Bible.

I have created a few resources to help us memorize the 66 books. 🙂  First off, I made a couple of sheets with the books of the Bible listed and divided.  This will be one of our visual aids as we sing the song.

books of the Bible shot

Next, I made the same sheets in black and white so the kids can color the pictures. I am letting them color the pictures in each section as they have memorized those books. It serves as an incentive for them to learn the books so they can color their pictures. 🙂

books of the Bible BW shot

I also made a folder game / cut and paste activity. We use the folder game to review the books, and the cut and paste activity is being used the same as the coloring sheet. They can only cut and paste the section they have memorized. It really motivates my kids to learn the material, but you don’t have to do it that way. You can have your child cut and paste all the sections at once and color all the pictures in one seating. It is up to you and what works best for your children.

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We are using this wonderful song and video to help us learn the books.

This song is by It is a fun song and video. My kids really enjoy watching it. If you like the video and song, you should stop by their site and check out all the videos they have available. This particular song and video can be downloaded for free at their site  They even throw in a pdf file of the pictures to make a book with all the words. Such a great find!

Let’s get our kids learning the books of the Bible!

Click below to download the file  🙂

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  1. I’m glad you like the Readeez song and video! Thanks so much for linking to them.

    There’s a whole lot more Readeez Bible content coming soon. People who sign up for our mailing list will receive details when they’re available. (Hint: 11.12.13).

    P.S. Love your site!

    Michael Rachap
    Founding Father
    The Readeez Company

  2. AWESOME idea…thanks so much!

  3. Thank you for your wonderful site with all your wonderful ideas that you share with us! I am just starting this week with teaching my daughter the books of the Bible ,and then I received your great email showing what you are doing too with the books of the Bible. Great job as always!

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