Identity Law

My kids like super heroes and they still like to dress up from time to time (although it is  slowing down… they are growing …  too fast!)

So for the identity law I made up a silly story about  a super hero. When they saw the pictures they immediately said with excitement: A Super hero? yay!  So then I knew I got their attention for a little bit while I told them the story.

answer key copy

They enjoyed the story and started singing the song over and over. They would be embarrassed if they knew I told you they ran to their rooms and got all dressed up. 🙂  So fun!

We cut the pictures and letters and practice the formulas for a couple of days. The last day I had them glue the pictures and recite the formulas back to me.

Here’s the video with the song we use:

Click below to download the file. Enjoy it!

Identity Law

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