La Familia – Spanish

The next topic we are learning in Spanish is the basic vocabulary for family members. Here’s the video to help you with the pronunciation 🙂 I have also made a few sheets to review the vocabulary we are learning. You can download the file at the bottom of this post.  In this file you will [Read On]

Spanish – Los Muebles / Furniture

Our next topic to learn is furniture.  We are learning basic vocabulary for a few pieces of furniture you may find in your home. Here’s the video to help you with pronunciation and review: You can also download a vocabulary sheet with pictures and words. Another sheet you will find in the file is a [Read On]

La Casa – The House

This week we are reviewing the parts of the house. Here’s a short video with the basic vocabulary for the parts of the house. I have made a few worksheets to go with this topic. Here’s a quick look at them. Vocabulary sheet with all the words we are learning. You can hang this on [Read On]

La Cara – The Face in Spanish

This week we are learning new words for the face in Spanish! We picked a handful of words and a question and answer to learn.  I made the picture cards to help us learn the words plus it gives us a chance to play games! 🙂 I also made a short video to help you [Read On]

Sentimientos – Feelings

This week we will be studying the words for Feelings in Spanish. I have made some picture cards and a little worksheet to help the kids remember the vocabulary. We are planning on going through magazines and finding pictures of people showing different emotions. We will review our vocabulary by saying the words in Spanish. [Read On]