Pollution Cards

This week we will be studying pollution with our kids.

To help me introduce the topic and show the kids some pictures of what we are talking about, I made these picture cards with a couple of photographs for each type of pollution.

pollution shot 2 copy

First, I will use these cards to introduce the topic.  As we progress in our study and they have seen the cards a few times, I will mix the cards and ask them classify them according to the different types of pollution.

TIP —> These cards have photographs as the illustration. When I make cards that have real photographs instead of clip art, I usually don’t print those at home. I feel that they would use up too much ink, so what I do is take the file in a flash drive to my local office store and print them there. It is usually around 49 cents per sheet.  I feel like it is worth it to pay less than a dollar to print the sheets rather than using up that much ink on my printer. I haven’t actually done the Math to see if it is cost effective, but it feels like it saves me money. Have you done the Math?  Is it cheaper to print at home when you have photographs? or is it cheaper to take it to an office store?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

I have also created a few worksheets to go with this study. I will be posting those tomorrow.  Stay tuned!  🙂

Click below to download the file for the picture cards

—> Pollution Picture Cards <—


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