We are having fun studying pollution.  This week we used the picture cards I made to introduce the topic plus to play a few games.  The kids had fun matching, sorting, classifying and they even made up a game of their own.

DSCN0198 copy

We also did an activity where I had them look for some examples of pollution in magazines. Obviously, we could not find all the different types of pollution in a magazine, so the ones we couldn’t find, we just drew a picture.  I had them glue the pictures on a big sheet of paper.

DSCN0206 copy

Tomorrow and Friday, they will be reviewing the material by completing some of the worksheets I put together. I made a few different ones trying to cover younger and older children. Hope you can find one you like and that works for your children!

pollution shot 3 copy

pollution answer key copy

Click below to download the file

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