Ocean Zones Project

Here’s a fun project we created at home to help the kids visualize and review the ocean zones.

We used a clear plastic container with a lid. We gather 3 liquid components:  Corn Syrup, water and oil.

Pour the corn syrup in a glass container and put several drops of blue food coloring. Mix well until it is all even. Pour it in the plastic container. This will be the first zone.

ocean zones bottle shot for WN copy

Next, Pour some water in a glass and add only 2 drops of blue food coloring. Mix it well and then pour it in the plastic container.  This will be the second zone.

Last, pour vegetable oil in the plastic container to create the last zone.

Put the lid on and then label each zone.  You can use the labels in the document below or just write directly on the jar with a sharpie marker.

Decorate with stickers or the pictures in the document below.

It is such a fun project for the kids!  My kids had fun mixing and pouring the liquids in the jar.  🙂


Click below to download the labels.

Labels for Ocean Zones Bottle Project



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