Circles of Latitude Cards and Body Motions

Here’s a set of picture cards I created to provide a visual to my kids while learning the circles of latitude.  They love holding the cards, setting them up on the floor and rearranging them.  Sometimes I print the set twice so we can play memory (that’s what we did this week).

Latitude Circles Cards shot copy

We also play games like: Who is missing?  I have them cover their eyes and I hide a card. When they open their eyes they have to look at the cards, think about the information we are learning and figure out which card is missing.  They love playing games and the great thing is that they are reviewing the material over and over without even realizing it.  🙂

Another thing I like to incorporate is body movements. This week, we got the idea from Melody at  And Here We Go!  She posted this idea on her blog and I thought it was wonderful!  Have you checked her blog?  Go on and give her a visit, she has wonderful ideas and resources.  I check her blog every week to help me get ready to plan my week and get inspired to create material.   Thank you Melody for all your hard work!  🙂

Here’s the video with the body movements.  My kids got a little silly at the end and started rolling on the floor 🙂   The idea is to just touch your toes.

Click below to download the cards

Latitude Circles Cards


  1. Thank you!! My boys love using cards for their review time. Melody at And Here We Go is wonderful!! Thank you both for sharing!

  2. Okay so I’ve always loved your posts on C3. I felt like your brain must work in the same way mine does because your stuff always connected with me. About a month ago I went ahead and created all the flash cards for the rest of the year. Not even kidding, my circle of latitudes cards look exactly like yours! You know what they say about great minds… You better keep posting though because I think my mind only aspires to be as great as yours!

    Thanks for all your work and sharing,

    • That is cool! I know what you are talking about. I have met and seen other people that I feel must process things in the same way as I do. 🙂 Feel free to make any suggestions or ideas, we can help each other create even better materials. 🙂 Have a great day! Grismar @ The Wise Nest

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