Circles of Latitude Craft

We had fun making this little craft as we were studying the circles of latitude.

IMG_8583 copy

This is how we did it:

First, the kids just colored the picture of the Earth.

IMG_8574 copyIMG_8573 copy











Then, they cut out and glued the labels on each circle.

Last, we used puffy paint to go over each line representing each circle of latitude.

After it dried out, each circle of latitude had a texture, something the kids could touch and feel and go over it with their hands as they recite the material back to me.  As a bonus, it looks really cute to me, so we can hang it up in the school room to decorate our walls.  🙂  If you don’t have puffy paint, you can use pipe cleaners, yarn, or anything that has a texture and it is raised so you can get the same result.

IMG_8579 copyIMG_8578 copy











I have included a video here in case you want to see it in action.  🙂  In this video I also talk about the reasoning why I make all these activities.  To download the file go below the video to get it.

Click below to download this file

Latitude Circles Craft


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