Preamble to the Constitution

We are learning a lot about our country’s history. It is┬ávery interesting to read and learn about the origins of our country. This week we will be memorizing the Preamble to the Constitution.

If you like folder games, you are in luck! ­čÖé I created a folder game to help my kids memorize it.

folder gameI have also created a few resources to go with this passage: an interactive sheet with flaps, picture cards, fill in the blank, and copywork.



Since the passage has several words that are a mouthful for a young learner, we decided to learn it by singing it. We will be using the tune from Schoolhouse Rock song. An oldie but still a goodie! We love the tune to this song, it is very catchy and the  kids love the video.

Click below to download the file.

—>┬áPreamble to the Constitution┬á<—

Hope this is helpful to your family!

Have a wonderful week,

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