Thanksgiving Idea

Thanksgiving is fast approaching! Too fast I should say! I had plans on making this activity and having it ready for my kids the first week of November, but, oh well, life happens… and it was not until TODAY that we got started with this activity.  I guess it is better late than never, right?  🙂

We actually had a lot of fun doing this. We had not pulled out the paint colors in a while, so the kids were excited to paint!

DSCN0385 copy

The idea is that the kids would paint the turkey and the feathers, and then each day we will get a feather and write something we are thankful for.


We plan on doing this until Thanksgiving arrives. We will put as many feathers as the kids want to. I hope to see Mr. Turkey’s tail nice and full by the time Thanksgiving is here. As you can notice, there is only one feather with writing on it (mine), because like I said at the beginning of this post, we just did this today. 🙂   I went ahead and put the feathers together behind the turkey so you all could see the final product. You get the idea!

DSCN0390 copy

If you are like me and had plans of doing something like this and then November came and by now you are thinking, oh well, I guess it is too late to do anything with my kids… then, join me!  Scroll down and download the file! It is super easy, just print it and cut it out and start adding feathers to Mr. Turkey!  🙂  Let me know if you decided to join me and are using this at home.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Season!  Let’s thank the Lord for all his blessings!  🙂

—>  Thankful Turkey  <—


  1. Natasha StJohn says

    Love this idea! My boys haven’t painted in awhile either and I like the fact they will have to think of things they are thankful for. Thank you!

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