Spanish – Preguntas Basicas

We are going to work on learning basic conversation questions and phrases in our Spanish class. I made a short video and a few worksheets to help us learn and review these concepts.

Here’s the short video:


Have your child watch the video at least twice a week (or more) as a part of their homeschool assignments for the week. I add it my kids’ weekly agenda/schedule, and they have to complete the task before they can check it off on their list.

I made a vocabulary sheet which hangs on the wall in our school room. This way the kids have the visual all throughout the two weeks we will be working on this topic. Every so often they will look at it, point and review the vocabulary. ¬†Sometimes, when I am working with one child and need to finish up, I will send the other child over to the wall and have him read, point and recite the words. ūüôā

preguntas basicas worksheet 1I also made a coloring sheet where the student has to read the words/phrase and then color the correct picture.

preguntas basicas worksheet 2 Finally, I made a cut and paste activity to review the vocabulary.

preguntas basicas worksheet 3preguntas basicas worksheet 4

Hope you guys can use these worksheets and video!

Click below to download the file

—> ¬†Preguntas Basicas Worksheets¬†<—

Have wonderful week!

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